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$170 pp

2 days workshop, incl. 1 night at

Villa Moksha


A Self-Esteem workshop for women of all ages.


  • Do you live up to your greatest potential?

  • Do you permit yourself to express the amazing power, strength, skills and intelligence living inside you?

You can develop these extraordinary qualities to create the life you want.
You can break through your fears and live authentically.

Join me for a supportive group in Bali’s most beautiful resort for an experience to begin to:


  • Transform negative core beliefs you have about yourself.

  • Soften your “inner critic” and eliminate the disempowering perspectives you have integrated through our culture’s consistent devaluation and dismissal of women.

  • Increase your feelings of Self Worth, Self Love, Self Compassion. 

If you feel that the time for a change is now, this workshop is for you!

Self Love
Couples WS


$250 / couple

2 days workshop, incl. 1 night at

Villa Moksha


A workshop for couples for making your relationships work.

Think of it as a school for your relationship (but not in the boring, dreadful way). You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn, there are no papers to write (unless you decide to write your partner a nice love note), you’ll be in Bali surrounded by good food and drink (not that crappy lunchroom food), and we really do have a lot of fun.


Join me on this Weekend Workshop for Couples based on the book by Erich Fromm: The Art Of Loving.


Taking place in the most beautiful resort on the island of Gods, this workshop will offer proven, effective, practical, and research-based tools and techniques to enhance and improve your relationship.

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

  • Would you like to have healthier communication in your relationship

  • Do you find that you are having the same arguments with your partner over and over again, and feel stuck?

  • Maybe you have a good relationship, but I want to make it even better

If so…this workshop is for you!


$170 pp

2 days workshop, incl. 1 night at Villa Moksha


A Reward Deficit and Executive Function Disorder 


This workshop partially based on Recovery from Addiction (RFA) symposium, held in October 2012.


In Psychology Bali, Dr. Yulia Yakovtseva explains drug addiction as a complex disorder comprised of elements of impulse control and compulsive disorders.


Learn how drugs affect the brain and how to address the addiction from the viewpoint of a dopamine-producing cell in the brain's reward center.



Your family member or yourself struggling to break through the addiction, have tried rehabs with no success, tried a conventional way of healing with no luck?


This workshop is for you!

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